Foot Locker Ad Shows Tim Duncan Getting REALLY Excited (Video)

Foot Locker

Tim Duncan has a reputation for being a pretty low-key dude. Unless you call a foul on him. Then he gets these huge incredulous eyes, and gets this smile on his face that you just want to slap off. But other than that, he’s comically subdued. And Foot Locker, with the help of Duncan himself and Derrick Rose, decided to make fun of that.

Upon learning that a huge shoe sale (or something) is happening at Foot Locker, Derrick Rose calls Tim Duncan, who musters up all the enthusiasm he can. He even knocks over a plant.

Take a look:

Aside from the need to call each player out by his full name, in case the viewers have head injuries, Foot Locker has been doing pretty well for itself in the ad game recently. Remember this?

Landon Donovan doesn’t.


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