Bills Running Back Fred Jackson and His Kids Are Making the Best of the Buffalo Snow Storm (Video)

fred jackson playing with kids during buffalo snow storm

I have to warn you, the video you are about to see is pretty shocking. It shows a famous NFL player spending quality time with, not abusing, his wife and kids.

I know, I know. After all the coverage of Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson, I didn’t think there were any happy NFL families. But apparently Buffalo Bills running back Fred Jackson is the exception. He made the best of the historic (and terrifying) Buffalo snow storm by playing outside with his kids.

And by playing, I mean he was tossing them into three-foot snow banks like rag dolls. Which of course they loved, because what kid wouldn’t?

Take a look:

A video posted by Fred Jackson (@fred22jackson) on

I wish Fred Jackson was my dad so he could throw me into a huge pile of snow…and also because that would mean I’m rich.

Hat Tip – [Reddit]

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