Centuries of Japan-China Tension Culminates in this Hockey Brawl (Video)

hockey brawl

This hockey brawl between Chinese and Japanese teams is pretty intense. But rest assured, now that it’s happened, the air has been cleared between these two teams, and they’ll likely go back to being close friends tomorrow. Just like two hockey players would after a brawl, each country will take the other country out and buy its people a ginormous beer.

I can’t tell which nation is which, because I’m only familiar with the national colors, but I would like to discuss how much the white team “jumps” into action. It’s like their enthusiasm gets the best of them, and they can’t just skate into a hockey brawl. They have take a little hop.

You have no idea what I’m talking about, so watch this and see:

They really get after it. And I like how long it takes the benches to clear. Like the bench guys REALLY don’t want to go out there, because they know they’ll get suspended. But if they stay on the sidelines during the hockey brawl, the starters will get suspended, and they’ll get to play like heroes.

I read a lot of subtext into this throwdown.

Hat Tip – [BarDown]

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