This Jeff Teague Dunk Defies the Laws of Gravity (Video)

jeff teague dunk

We saw two astounding things in Atlanta on Tuesday night. One was a Lakers win, which was just their second of the season. The other was a fantastic Jeff Teague dunk that defied the laws of gravity.

We’re not going to talk about the Lakers win, of course, because talking about the Lakers just makes everybody sad. Instead we’re going to talk about the Jeff Teague dunk. The guy brought the ball down the court and, just after the offense and defense got set up, blew past Jeremy Lin and a lumbering Carlos Boozer at the top of the key. Then he raced toward the basket, leapt into the air from ten feet out, soared past center Jordan Hill, and dunked it home.

And this wasn’t the first quarter, either. It came in the fourth quarter, with the Hawks down eight and needing a big play.

Take a look:

Of course, while the dunk itself is glorious, the best part of the video is probably the reaction of Kobe Bryant. He sees the play unfolding and starts pointing to where poor Jordan Hill needs to be, but it’s too late. Then he just holds his arms out, as if to say “WTF dudes?”

Hat Tip – [Pro Basketball Talk]

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