Canadian Hospitality: Maple Leafs Fans Finish American Anthem After Mic Malfunctions on Singer (Video)

maple leafs fans finish american national anthem at acc

Last night the Maple Leafs hosted the Predators at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto, and before the game, during the American national anthem, the microphone cut out on the singer.

That’s not exactly a diplomatic crisis, seeing as how the U.S. and Canada are BFFs. But it is an unfortunate faux pas. It’s kind of like opening the door to some guests at a dinner party, introducing them to everybody else at the table, but pronouncing their names incorrectly—minor, but embarrassing.

Fortunately the Maple Leafs fans were there to pick up the slack for the A/V guys. They finished the anthem all by themselves. And with gusto.

Lets Listen:

LISTEN: Fans Finish U.S. National Anthem @ Air Canada Centre

Take a look:

That’s one hell of a feel-good moment right there. Really makes you feel all warm and fuzzy.

Unfortunately, the Maple Leafs fans’ show of neighborly affection was rewarded with a 9-2 blowout at the hands of their guests.

Seriously, 9-2. And at one point it was actually 7-0.


Hat Tip – [Sportsnet]

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