ParaCommandos Soar into Alabama Game *May Cause Vertigo* (Video)


The trick has been done before, but the ParaCommandos that flew into the Alabama-Mississippi St. game were able to get some POV video that shows how daunting jumping out of a plane and parachuting into a stadium is. I mean, what if they missed? They’d be in the stands on top of some smelly SEC fan, probably covered in beer and nachos. Disgraceful.

Fortunately, the ParaCommandos of USSOCOM know what they’re doing. If they can do a HALO jump in a battlefield, they can probably make it into, and endure, an SEC game. Probably.

Here’s the video. Feel free to wipe the sweat off your palms when you’re done:

At least they had Bryant-Denny Stadium to jump into, and not some dinky D-III venue with no margin for error. That would be like threading a needle. And a dome would be pretty rough, too. They’d just hit the top and slide down. It would make for a pretty funny video, but those ParaCommandos could get hurt.

It’s pretty amazing that you can hear the stadium PA above all that wind resistance. That place must be LOUD prior to kickoff.

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