Watch Vince Carter Cry After Receiving a Standing Ovation From Toronto Raptors Fans (Video)

Vince Carter Cry Raptors

After a decade of hatred, it appears as though Toronto Raptors fans are finally ready to forgive Vince Carter.  And they made that point loud and clear during tonight’s game against Carter’s Memphis Grizzlies, as the team honored the former face of the franchise and the crowd of 19,800 inside the Air Canada Centre gave him a standing ovation during a timeout in the first quarter.  It was enough to make Vince Carter cry.

No one knows why Raps fans are finally ready to forgive, but the two best reasons I can think of are (a) their Eastern Conference-best 9-2 start to the season (following tonight’s win), and (b) the fact that Carter‘s playing days appear to be numbered, with last night possibly being his final visit to the place where he first made his mark as an NBA star.

Either way, it was quite the touching moment for the 37-year-old former Raptor.  You can watch Vince Carter cry in the video below:

So I guess Carter’s cool now…

Can we still boo Bosh?

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