Brandon Knight Layup Fail: Bucks PG Misses Wide Open Game-Winning Layup in OT (Videos)

brandon knight layup fail

You know how the layup is the easiest, highest-percentage shot in basketball, and how, when you miss one, it’s pretty humiliating. And when you miss one in overtime…with the game tied…and 1.1 seconds left on the clock? Well then it’s beyond humiliating. It’s soul-crushing. Or at least it could be.

If the Milwaukee Bucks had not managed to persevere and ultimately prevail over the Brooklyn Nets in triple overtime last night, the Brandon Knight layup fail at the end of the first OT might have haunted the 22-year-old point guard the rest of his days. As it is, Knight’s teammates picked himĀ up and everything worked out in the end. So it will just be a funny, cautionary tale he can tell his kids.

It all started with a steal in the Nets zone. With five seconds left, Knight reached up and grabbed a pass intended for Brook Lopez, then took off down the court with nobody between him and the rim.

That should have been it. The game should have been over. But Knight had to run so fast down the court to beat the clock that he just couldn’t quite lay the ball off the backboard soft enough. So after the carom it hit the outside of the rim and bounced out.

Here’s the layup fail:

And here is the reaction from the Bucks bench:

Of course, this is not the first time Brandon Knight has had difficulty mastering the layup. But it is the most embarrassing.

Thankfully, this story has a happy ending. Knight went on to hit a clutch, game-tying three pointer in the second OT to send it to a third, and in the third he hit a couple of free throws with 5.6 seconds left that clinched the 122-118 victory.

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