Creighton Player Dives for Ball, Comes Up Soaked in Beer (Video)

Creighton player

As Creighton player Toby Hegner teaches us, never hustle. You’ll just end up on the ground covered in beer. Unless your goal is to be on the ground covered in beer. In which case, by all means, hustle. The Bluejays’ forward¬†went diving for a loose ball and wound up committing a party foul by spilling a beer off of what looked like the scorer’s table.

The scorer’s table? The scorers shouldn’t be drinking beer. They’re on the clock…scoring and whatnot. I just now realize I have very little idea what goes on at the scorer’s table, let alone if they need to be sober to do their jobs.

Regardless, one scorer walked away a little more sober than he would have liked, all because some Creighton player had to be a hero.

Here’s the video:

He didn’t even make the play! In that case, Hegner should be tried as a war criminal for knocking over that beer!

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