Stop What You’re Doing and Watch This John Cena Foot Locker Commercial (Video)

john cena foot locker commercial

I never thought Foot Locker could possibly top their “All Is Right” commercial from last November, advertising their “Week of Greatness.” And in all honesty, they haven’t. But they have come close.

The other day we saw what happens when Tim Duncan gets REALLY excited. Now we’ve got this John Cena Foot Locker commercial. And it’s brilliant.

It starts off like all “Week of Greatness” commercials, with two young, hip dudes talking about how excited they are for all the new and exciting sneaker releases. However, in this case, one of them says he almost can’t believe it’s real. And at that point WWE star John Cena walks by, decked head-to-toe in John Cena gear, and vehemently insists that you don’t have to believe something is real to enjoy it.

Take a look:

Seriously, Foot Locker, whoever is coming up with your commercials needs a big raise.

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