Did Anyone Else Notice LeBron Coaching the Cavs Last Night?

lebron coaching the cavs

Officially, David Blatt is head coach of the Cleveland Cavaliers. That’s what it says on the team website, and I imagine that’s also what it says on David Blatt’s paycheck.

So then why was LeBron coaching the Cavs last night against the Spurs?

That is a very good question. Perhaps, in his zeal to win in front of his home town peeps and avenge his defeat in the NBA Finals, he simply got carreid away. Perhaps LJB simply does not think Blatt is a capable tactician. Or perhaps owner Dan Gilbert sent him an emoji-filled text during halftime telling him to take over.

Whatever the reason, LeBron was definitely telling everybody where to go and who to guard during pretty much every timeout last night.

Take a look:

Poor David Blatt. It doesn’t get much more awkward than that. On the one hand, you want to assert yourself and say I’m the one with the clipboard, dammit. But on the other hand, Lebron is one of a handful of players in the NBA who can get a coach fired, so you kinda want to stay on his good side.

Talk about a catch-23.

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