Maple Leafs Fan Throws Jersey Onto Ice During Blowout, Gets Banned for Three Years (Video)

disgusted maple leafs fan throws jersey onto the ice

As a Toronto Maple Leafs fan, you are expected to happily embrace whatever crappy product the Maple Leafs Sports Entertainment Corporation puts out on the ice and blindly accept all excuses for why things aren’t working out according to plan. However, this year a small group of Maple Leafs fans have decided the time has come to fight back against their oppressors. And they’re doing it in a very public way.

What are they doing? They’re throwing their overpriced Toronto Maple Leafs replica jerseys onto the ice during embarrassing losses at the Air Canada Centre. And in case you haven’t noticed, the embarrassing losses are already starting to add up.

The latest humiliation came this past Tuesday. The Nashville Predators came to town and handed the Leafs a 9-2 thumping, their worst home loss in 23 years. So toward the end of the game, with the players still skating around on the ice (I wouldn’t call it “playing”), a fan went up to the glass and sacrificed his sweater for the greater good.

As you probably heard, the fans sitting in the guy’s section disapproved of his blatant defiance of their hockey Overlords. And the players don’t like it either. Captain Dion Phaneuf called it disappointing a few weeks ago, and sniper Phil Kessel called it “classless” on Tuesday night.

So what happened to this lone rebel? Was he taken out back and set before the firing squad? No. But he was banned from all Maple Leafs Sports Entertainment events for three years. That means no Leafs, no Raptors, and no Toronto FC, the only team in Toronto more pathetic than the Leafs.

Sounds to me like they’re doing him a favor.

Hat Tip to reader DanD.

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