MMA Fighter Gets Hit In Ear, Ear Explodes With Blood. Good Times! (Video)

mma fighter

A hallmark of every MMA fighter is cauliflower ear. But be warned: this condition is not delicious and awesome like the vegetable that lends it its name. Rather, this is a troll-like feature that results from getting hit in the head repeatedly, as many MMA fighters do.

Cauliflower ear happens when the bloodvessels are repeatedly smashed, causing a build-up and calcification and hardening in the ears. It’s gross. Then, when you get hit, something even more gross can happen. Your ear, rigid as can be, may explode in the right circumstances. It’s disgusting, and likely very painful.

It happened last weekend to a female fighter at UFC 180.  And now we have footage of it happening to an unknown male MMA fighter. Yuck.

Check it out:

Yup. That’s an MMA fighter suffering a blood explosion out of his ear. I’m gonna push back lunch an hour or so.

As someone who reports these things, I’m eternally grateful that there’s no close-up or “after” pics available. And if they are, please keep them far away from me and this site. This is bad enough.

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