Ping Pong Fight! Kid Loses Match, Randomly Attacks Umpire (Video)

ping pong fight

You read that headline correctly. This post is indeed about a ping pong fight.

Of course, I do realize you are supposed to call it table tennis, because it’s a legitimate sport that millions of people around the world take very seriously. (Wink, wink.) But I say when the players are acting like children, it’s okay to call it ping pong. And in this case, the players are definitely acting like spoiled children.

In fact, they are children.

Here’s what we know: a kid named Vladislav Starodumov beat a kid named Dmitry Melnichenko in the “cadet” division of the 95th Kalishnikov Tournament, which must be a pretty big deal since it’s named after a Soviet assault rifle. The match was not close. Starodumov won three games to zero, and he won the final game 11-6. So there’s no way the result was unduly influenced by poor officiating.

Nevertheless, after the final point, little Dmitry Melnichenko went and shook hands with Vladislav Stardumov, then took all his frustration out on the umpire, pushing him over in his chair.

Now, I should note that the umpire was also a kid, because I guess that’s how they do things in Russia. But he was a much bigger kid. And he showed a lot of restraint in not pummeling little Dmitry.

Take a look:

I don’t know about you, but my favorite part of this whole thing is the fact that NO ONE is shocked by this. The spectators are just like, “Oh.”

Russia is the best!

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