The 2014 NFL Circle of Parity is Finally Complete! (Pic)

The Oakland Raiders’ victory over the Kansas City Chiefs last night on Thursday Night Football not only means that every team in the National Football League now has a win this season.  It also means that the 2014 NFL Circle of Parity is finally complete.

In case you’re not familiar with the “NFL Circle of Parity,” it’s pretty much the simple graph that illustrates how every team in the league has beaten another team, who has defeated another team, who beat another…and so on, until each team appears once and a full circle is complete.

And with the Raiders having finally won a game, this years’s “NFL Circle of Parity” is officially complete.  That’s because the Raider have beaten the Chiefs, who beat the Chargers, who beat the Bills, who beat the Dolphins, who beat the Pats, who beat the Bears, who beat the 49ers, who beat the Cowboys, who beat the Rams, who beat the Seahawks, who beat the Broncos, who beat the Cardinals, who beat the Eagles, who beat the Giants, who beat the Texans, who beat the Redskins, who beat the Titans, who beat the Jags, who beat the Browns, who beat the Saints, who beat the Vikings, who beat the Falcons, who beat the Bucs, who beat the Steelers, who beat the Colts, who beat the Bengals, who beat the Ravens, who beat the Panthers, who beat the Lions, who beat the Packers, who beat the Jets, who beat the Raiders.

And here’s everything I mentioned above in one easy illustration, via Redditor Lvl9LightSpell:

2014 NFL Circle of Parity


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