JJ Watt Rides a Horse Named JJ Watt. One of Them Was Wearing a Texans Uniform. (Video)

jj watt rides a horse

JJ Watt is kind of a big deal in Houston.

Hell, JJ Watt is kind of a big deal everywhere, but he’s an especially big deal in Houston, where the Houston Texans pay him to terrorize NFL quarterbacks and offensive coordinators. He’s a likeable superstar in a town that hasn’t had many likeable superstars to cheer in recent years. (Sorry, Dwight Howard.)

It really should come as no surprise, therefore, that the Houston Police Department has a police horse named JJ Watt. And it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the Texans and the Houston PD would arrange a little photo op and have JJ Watt the football player ride JJ Watt the police horse.

However, it is a little weird to see JJ Watt the football player riding JJ Watt the police horse in uniform, with full padding.

Take a look:

Anway, if you’re keeping track at home…

JJ Watt rides a horse? Not news.

JJ Watt rides a horse named JJ Watt? News.

Got it?

Hat Tip – [houstontexans.com]

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