90 Yard Latavius Murray Touchdown Helps Raiders End 16-Game Losing Streak (Video)

latavius murray touchdown

Any time a team ends a 16-game losing streak, it comes as a surprise. However, the manner in which the Oakland Raiders ended their 16-game, 368-day losing streak was more surprising than most. Last night they beat the first place Kansas City Chiefs. And they did it with not one but two Latavius Murray touchdowns—including a 90-yarder that gave the Raiders a 14-point lead early in the second quarter.

The reason why it’s surprising that Oakland beat Kansas City is self explanatory. But let me tell you a little bit about Latavius Murray. Through the first nine games of the 2014 season Murray touched the ball six times, and with those six touches he ran for 11 yards. That’s 1.2 yards per game, or 1.83 yards per carry.

Compared to that, Murray looked like Eric Dickerson in game 10 when he carried the ball four times and picked up 43 yards. However, he got 23 of those 43 yards on just one carry. So it’s not like he really averaged almost 11 yards per carry. He ran the ball for 6.67 yards three times and 23 yards once. There was reason to suspect he might be emerging as a slightly useful running back, but no reason to think he would suddenly lead the Raiders to their first victory of the season over a team that hadn’t allowed a rushing touchdown all year.

And yet last night, about an hour before the Raiders-Chiefs game even started, one reddit user made this bold prediction:

latavius murray touchdown reddit prediction

Then, a couple hours later, this prediction started to come true when this happened:

That was Murray’s second touchdown of the game and career, and it was a doozy. The guy would leave the game before the end of the first half with a concussion, but the damage was done and the Raiders were on their way to a shocking victory over the Chiefs.

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