Buffalo Snow Storm: Bills DE Mario Williams Is Digging People Out and Delivering Food to Neighbors (Videos + Pics)

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Mario Williams grew up in North Carolina and he began his NFL career in Houston. Normally people from warmer climates don’t handle winter very well.

Williams is different, though. When he signed his record six-year contract with the Buffalo Bills back in 2012, he was determined to make the cold, unforgiving western New York winter his bitch. So he bought himself a big-ass truck and a Caterpillar plow and dared nature to do it’s worst—all of which is to say, Mario Williams was as prepared as anyone for that epic Buffalo snow storm that dumped up to seven feet of the white stuff on the souther part of the Buffalo metropolitan area this week.

As soon as the snow started to let up, Williams started digging out. Then he starting digging everyone else out. And then he started delivering much-needed food and supplies to all his neighbors.

Here is Mario’s plow, waiting for action:

Either my driveway is going to be free and clear of snow or my yard is going to be destroyed lol. At least 3-4 feet already.

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Here is Mario digging out his Toyota Tundra:

Here is Mario braving the treacherous conditions to acquire provisions:

Too much fun for these two! #creed #titan

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Here is Bills legend Jim Kelly talking about how Mario Williams is digging him out:

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And here is Mario taking a video of himself, wearing his Bills helmet, driving around in his truck delivering food to neighbors, listening to “Eye of the Tiger”..like you do:

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When Mario Williams showed up at Kelly’s house, you can be sure that was the first time a quarterback was ever happy to see him.

Hat Tip – [LA Times]

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