Sio Moore Celebrates Sack in the Chiefs Backfield as the Chiefs Run a Play (Video)

Sio Moore

Sio Moore was a bit of an idiot last night.

In the waning minutes of the neck-and-neck contest between the Kansas City Chiefs and the winless Oakland Raiders, Sio Moore sacked the Chiefs QB. That’s good. He then proceeded to dance in their backfield for a really long time. That’s bad.

Here’s why: The Chiefs, who were attempting a comeback and therefore in hurry-up mode, were VERY close to snapping the ball with both Sio Moore and fellow celebrant Khalil Mack WAY offside.

The Raiders were forced to burn a timeout, which allowed the Chiefs to get a plan together for the next play.

It all turned out to be moot, however, as the Raiders stopped the Chiefs on fourth down to win the game, but still. Classic Raiders.

Of course this is how the Raiders get their first win. With two jackasses dancing in the backfield to celebrate being one step away from 1-118, or something.

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