The 9 Coldest NFL Games of All Time

coldest nfl games of all time

Let’s talk about the coldest NFL games of all time. If you’ve been following the NFL this week, you’re hip to the fact that there’s some snow in cold Buffalo. A lot of snow. Some places got 6 feet, with more on the way. Oh, and indie rock band Interpol was stuck on a Buffalo highway for 50 hours or so, which is pretty crazy.

Buffalo residents were initially asked to help clear out Ralph Wilson Stadium so that the team can play on Sunday against the Jets, another cold weather outdoor stadium team, albeit one that gets far less extreme weather. The NFL has since moved the game to avoid having fans freeze to death at one of the coldest games in NFL history.

This turn of events, although it’s more snow-related than outright cold (it’s “only” 27 in Buffalo as I write this, but plenty snowy) has us looking back on the craziest winter weather games in NFL history. And since data on snowfall is a little spotty, we’re going with temperature, so here are the nine coldest NFL games ever. Button up!

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