33 Anthony Davis GIFs that Prove Anthony Davis Is Not Human

anthony davis gifs

Why a list of Anthony Davis GIFs, you ask? Because in case you haven’t noticed, at the age of 21, Anthony Davis has emerged as the best player in the NBA.

Am I saying Anthony Davis is better than LeBron? Better than Durant? Better than Paul? Yes, I am. I’m not saying things will stay this way. Anthony Davis may not keep up his torrid pace. LeBron may get his sh*t together in Cleveland. But right now, Anthony Davis is the best player in the NBA, and it’s not even close. At time of writing Anthony Davis is 2nd in points (26.3), 5th in rebounds (11.4), third in steals (2.2), first in blocks (3.5), first in win shares (3.0), and first in player efficiency rating (36.03).

What’s that? Not familiar with player efficiency rating? Well, it’s an advanced that, like WAR in baseball, combines all of a player’s contributions into one number. And that score of 35.9 would be the highest in NBA history by four whole points, beating Wilt, Jordan, and LeBron.

So yeah, Anthony is good. But maybe you struggle with math and don’t trust numbers. Forget the numbers. Just look at the GIFs. The man is not human.


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