Jameis Winston Shoves Referee, But ACC Says It’s No Big Deal (Video)

jameis winston shoves referee

Anyone who follows college football closely but was not watching Florida State-Boston College on Saturday probably saw “Jameis Winston shoves referee” on their phones and thought Jameis had done something really stupid again, despite such clear, unequivocal advice from Kevin Hart.

However, “shove-gate” (or whatever the media is calling it) isn’t quite that simple. Here’s what happened.

The score was tied 17-17 with 5:20 left in the third quarter. FSU had just completed a play, and coach Jimbo Fisher wanted everybody lined up right away so they could run the next play as soon as possible. In those situations, the center official is supposed to stand over the football on the line of scrimmage to prevent it from being snapped until the defensive team gets lined up and has had a chance to make substitutions to match those made by the offensive team.

In this case, however, the ref was not standing over the ball. The FSU center was over the ball with his hand already on it, so the ref stood between the center and his QB. When Winston got there, not realizing why the ref was there, he tried to wedge his way up to the center to get the play going. And in doing that he shoved the guy.

Take a look:

Obviously there’s nothing malicious going on there. It’s just Jameis Winston being a little dense. But Boston College and every team trying to break into the top-four of the CFP rankings wanted the refs to call an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty that would have seen Winston get ejected from the game.

In fact, some are still calling on the powers that be to suspend Winston for his shove. However, no penalty was called and the Atlantic Coast Conference’s coordinator of officials has officially declared the contact “incidental and insignificant.” So no further action will be taken.

But let’s hear it then, internet. What do you think?

Hat Tip – [ESPN]

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