Marshawn Lynch Interview Consists of One-Word Answers Following $100k Fine (Video)

Marshawn Lynch interview

Marshawn Lynch has long tested the league’s policy on making himself available to the media. And he’s normally failed that test by getting fined and criticized for depriving the media of their coveted Marshawn Lynch interview. However, after getting slapped with a $100,000 fine, the Seahawks running back decided it might behoove him to put in the minimal amount of effort possible into meeting the letter of the policy.

We’re glad he did, because it’s hilarious. Following Seattle’s win over the white-hot, but QB-less Cardinals, Lynch summed up virtually every inquiry with “Yeah.”

So basically, Marshawn Lynch was acting like a 14 year-old boy at dinner with his parents. Take a look at this clip. Yeah? Yeah.:

Does the fact that he’s dressed like the lovechild of Holden Caufield and Big Boi from Outkast inject a little comedy into this video?

Nope. It injects a sh*tton of comedy into this situation.

Doesn’t the fact that Richard Sherman is on this team balance everything out? Richard Sherman should meet everyone’s media quota in the whole NFL.


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