Odell Beckham Also Had Two Sick Catches in the Pre-Game Warmups (Videos)

Odell Beckham

Odell Beckham was deemed the greatest human being in the history of mankind last night when he made a catch that everyone agreed was the greatest accomplishment since the Iron Age.

And yes, I’m counting both the moon landing and the Magna Carta.

The Giants receiver pulled in a sick catch in a hotly contested and fun game between NFC East rivals the New York Giants and Dallas Cowboys. And while Odell Beckham managed to pull in a snag that caused Cris Collinsworth to disrobe and start rubbing himself in scented oils, it didn’t come out of nowhere.

He pulled in two equally impressive grabs in warmups. Sure, it’s not quite the same stakes, but it shows us what Odell Beckham is capable of. Watch:

However, those warmup catches were disqualified because it turns out he wasn’t wearing Bose headphones when he made the catch. And, in keeping with the CBA, any player wearing non-Bose audio equipment gets their immediate family tossed into a Russian gulag for 25 years. 

The rules on this are firm, but fair. 

Nice catches, Odell. 

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