Amazing Odell Beckham Catch Yields Funny Odell Beckham Photoshops (Gallery)

Take a look at some of the best Odell Beckham photoshops:

By now you’ve surely heard about the Odell Beckham catch from last night’s Giants-Cowboys game. It was only one of the greatest catches in the history of football. The guy stretched backwards as far as he could and caught the thing, not just with one hand, but with three fingers. Then he got his feet down and fell into the endzone to complete the 43-yard touchdown. It was a thing of beauty. And the crazy thing is, Beckham was practicing catching like that before the game.

Of course, these days the internet turns every amazing sports play into a meme, and the Odell Beckham catch is no different. People were hard at work overnight photoshopping the Beckham catch into a variety of different, unexpected situations, just like they did with Tim Howard this past summer.. And the results, as always, are pretty funny.

A fitting tribute to a historic play.

Way to go, internet. Keep up the good work.

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