10 Longest Ironman Streaks in NHL History

longest ironman streaks in nhl history

On Sunday, one of the longest ironman streaks in sports history came to an end. St. Louis Blues defenseman Jay Bouwmeester didn’t suit up for his team’s 4-2 win over the Winnipeg Jets due to an undisclosed “lower body injury.” It was the first time he had missed a game in a decade—a span in which he played a whopping 737 consecutive regular season games.

That is actually insane when you think about it. The last time this guy missed a game, George W. Bush was president, the Pittsburgh Penguins were the worst team in hockey , and nobody had even heard of Justin Bieber.

Cal Ripken’s ironman streak was impressive for it’s longevity. It took 12 years to break Lou Gehrig’s record, then he went another three years without missing a game, bringing the grand total to 15 years. Moreover, in baseball you play six days a week, meaning there is no time to recover from minor bumps and bruises.

All that said, Cal Ripken didn’t have to block 100-mph slapshots with his feet on a nightly basis. (Seriously, last year Bouwmeester blocked 106 shots.) He didn’t have to get stitches to his face because guys slashed him with hockey sticks, and he didn’t withstand 200-pound guys crashing into him elbows first at 20 mph. Jay Bouwmeester did. And he still played 737 straight hockey games.

So where does his streak rank on the list of longest ironman streaks in NHL history? Take a look at the list to see for yourself.


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