Bald Eagle Soars Around Texans Pregame with a GoPro on Its Head (Video)

bald eagle

I wish every headline in sports was as fun as “Bald Eagle Soars Around Texans Pregame with a GoPro on Its Head.” You know, in case you forgot what America was about, you could be reminded that it’s all about football, patriotic symbolism, and tiny cameras strapped to animal heads.

It’s that last part that really makes me want to tear up and sing “America the Beautiful.”

By way of some backstory on why a cyborg bald eagle was patrolling NRG Stadium, the bird’s name is Challenger, he (or she) is 25 years old, enjoys long walks on the beach (we’re guessing), and is cared for by the American Eagle Foundation, which is in no way affiliated with the airline with the tiny planes.

Here’s the video:

I’m not really sure what the video was supposed to “accomplish,” but it’s really cool, and gets the word out about the American Eagle Foundation, a Tennessee nonprofit that’s dedicated to promoting the survival of the American national mascot. Or symbol. Whatever. Win-win.

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