Watch James Harden Let a Knicks Fastbreak Breeze Right By Him (GIF)

James Harden

James Harden has always proved himself to be a little bit of an enigma. He’s not like early 2000’s Vince Carter or anything like that, but he might be like early 2000’s Manny Ramirez. The guy has a boatload of talent, but the crapshoot is always “When is he going to turn it on?”

Not on defense, apparently. Last night, the overachieving Rockets were playing the appropriately-achieving Knicks, and a New York defensive rebound turned into a fast break.

Watch how James Harden transitions from offense to full court defense:

James Harden

Whoops. He doesn’t. He stays hunched over like a 35 year-old pickup player at the Y. Not a look you want from your best player.

It would be one thing if James Harden had been tucked away in a corner or was unable to make a play on the ball, but he’s standing RIGHT THERE. Pretty much all he has to do is force the ball a little wider by lifting a hand or something, and the fastbreak would slow down considerably.

But that would involve taking your hands off your knees, which is not something James Harden felt like doing right then.

I guess defense is not included in his $14.7 million price tag this season.

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