Pete Carroll Has a Better Arm Than Some NFL Quarterbacks (GIF and Video)

Pete Carroll

Pete Carroll appears in a new Dude Perfect trick shot video to remind us that, every once in a while, these trick shot videos can be pretty fun and impressive. The crew of showmen visit the Seattle Seahawks training camp, and while there’s a six-minute mixtape  that shows a bunch of stuff, the big takeaway comes in the form of a Pete Carroll performance.

Watch the GIF, then let’s talk:

Whoa. For being roughly 103 years old (or 63), Pete Carroll has a hell of an arm on him. I mean, you can solve for accuracy just by doing dozens or hundreds of takes, but extra tries won’t get you to throw the ball any further. He looks good. Not like Peyton-good, but Eli-good.

Here’s the whole video:

And if you’re wondering about these Dude Perfect guys, from what I can tell, they’re five friends from Virginia who screw around with athletes instead of working. Not a bad gig.

Also, I think Carroll should put himself at second on the QB depth chart.

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