Richard Sherman and a Cardboard Doug Baldwin Mock the NFL Media Rules (Video)

Richard Sherman

If you thought that Richard Sherman would keep his mouth shut on the NFL’s actions against Marshawn Lynch, you were right…for about three days.

At a fairly surreal press conference, Sherman took to the podium with a cardboard cutout of Doug Baldwin (and Baldwin’s voice) to take a few shots at the NFL’s media policy. He also ragged on the league for failing to space out games for teams that are burdened with Thanksgiving, or other Thursday, games.

All in all, a pretty quintessential Richard Sherman experience. With a cardboard cutout. Oh, and he also took on the rules regarding product endorsement and “official” branding that takes places with things like headphones and iPad knockoffs.

Take a look:

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I wonder if the NFL will be as hard on insubordinate pieces of cardboard as they are on players. Probably. Nothing, not flesh nor paper, is safe from the protected interests of the National Football League. But Richard Sherman will get a pass. It’s pretty hard to stay mad at him.

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