CBS Analyst Solomon Wilcots: “We Now Know Your Name Ladell Beckham, Jr.” (Video)


On Monday, every sports fan in North America was talking about that mind-blowing catch by Giants receiver Odell Beckham, Jr. You might even say he became a household name overnight.

That is certainly what NFL analyst Solomon Wilcots was trying to say on Monday night during CBS’s broadcast of the rescheduled Bills-Jets game. Wilcots, a former NFL defensive back who has seen amazing catches firsthand, went on and on about how amazing the Odell Beckham catch was. Then he tried to say that this one play had made a name for Odell Beckham.

The only problem? In making the claim, Wilcots butchered Beckham’s name.

Have a listen:

That’s right. Solomon Wilcots said, and I quote, “We now know your name, Ladell Beckham Jr.”

Now, in fairness to poor Solomon, announcers screw up names all the time, and it’s not necessarily because they don’t know them. Sometimes you just flub a word because you get a crossed wire in your brain.

This flub just happened at the most ironic time possible. And it was amazing.

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