Scott Chandler Touchdown Celebration: Digging Out of the Buffalo Snow (Video)

scott chandler touchdown celebration

Last week, the city of Buffalo got buried by seven feet of snow. Last night, the football team of Buffalo buried the New York Jets under seven sacks and 38 points.

You would have had to be really dense not to make this connection between the Bills’ dominant performance and the epic snow storm that forced them to play their game in Detroit. It certainly was not lost on Buffalo Bills tight end Scott Chandler. After catching a 19-yard touchdown pass from Kyle Orton in the second quarter last night, he performed one of the most creative touchdown celebrations of the 2014 NFL season.

What did Chandler do? He metaphorically dug himself, his team, and the city of Buffalo out of the snow…and presumably dumped that snow on the lowly Jets.

Take a look:

The Scott Chandler touchdown celebration wasn’t as emotional as the TY Hilton touchdown celebration. But it was just as creative and symbolic. So I’d put it right up there as one of the best we’ve seen so far this year.

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