Iron Bowl Friendship Brings a Little Perspective to College Football’s Nastiest Rivalry (Video)

iron bowl friendship kayla and corbin

On Saturday, college football’s nastiest rivalry will once again come into the national spotlight as the Auburn Tigers travel to Tuscaloosa to take on the Alabama Crimson Tide in the 2014 Iron Bowl.

Given last year’s game, which was probably one of the greatest in college football history, you might be a little excited about this. However, I’m willing to bet that after you watch this video from the folks over at Bleacher Report about an unlikely Iron Bowl friendship, the rivalry on the field won’t seem quite as important.

The video tells the story of Kayla and Corbin. The former is a student at Auburn, the latter a student at Alabama. They’re supposed to be divided by their allegiances to their schools. However, Kayla and Corbin have been brought together by something that they have in common—their fight against cancer. Both are facing an uphill battle, but in each other they’ve found support. And they’re going to be at the Iron Bowl on Saturday. Together.

Take a look:

Enjoy the Iron Bowl this long, Thanksgiving weekend. But don’t forget what’s really important in life.

Hat Tip – [Bleacher Report]

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