Rams Show Support for the Ferguson Protesters by Holding Up Hands (Tweet)

Ferguson protesters

The St. Louis Rams, in a move of solidarity with the Ferguson protesters, made an entrance onto the field prior to Sunday’s game against the Oakland Raiders with their hands up.

The “hands up, don’t shoot” gesture wasn’t the brainchild of the Rams’ group of receivers that included Jared Cook, Tavon Austin, and Kenny Britt. Rather, it’s become a widely recognized gesture among the protesters. So this was a pretty explicit show of support that didn’t seem to be sanctioned by the St. Louis Rams organization, or the Ferguson protesters, for that matter.

However, I can’t imagine the league or the Rams organization making too much of a stink here. This would likely be a PR minefield for a league that’s already had its share of bad publicity this season.

Here’s a Tweet with a pic for ya:

It probably merits mentioning as well that this wasn’t a team-wide act, but rather an act of just a few players.

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