DeMarco Murray Affair: Former Teammate Claims RB Slept With His Wife (Pics)

Demarco Murray affair

Along with “the record books” and “opposing run defenses,” you can now add “the family of Brennan Clay” to the list of things Cowboys running back DeMarco Murray has been tearing apart this season.

According to Clay, who was a freshman running back at Oklahoma when Murray graduated in 2010, his wife and Murray have been having an affair.  It is unclear exactly when and for how long the affair has taken place, as Clay has only released the following statement on Twitter:

Clay’s cheating wife has been identified as Gina D’Agostini, who has since deleted her Twitter account.  She has two children with Clay, while Murray and actress Heidi Mueller gave birth to a child of their own just over a year ago.

By now, you’d probably like to see some pictures of the woman involved in the DeMarco Murray affair, Gina D’Agostini.  You can check those out below:


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