Gerald Green Goes Off-the-Glass for Alley-Oop to Himself in Traffic (Video)

Gerald Green

Gerald Green knows that if you have a 5-inch high top fade in the NBA, you better have some skills to back it up.

Gerald Green has the haircut, and he’s proving time and time again that he has the skills as one of the most dominant above-the-rim players in the game. For instance, it’s one thing to give yourself an alley-oop off the glass in warm-ups or during a dunk competition. It’s another thing to do it during a game. Flat-footed.

That last part kills me. He wasn’t even running when he tossed it off the glass. It may not make for as dramatic a dunk, but it’s far more impressive. He just lobs it up when he ran out of dribbles, then used it to advance about ten more feet.

The video might help:

I don’t know how you defend against that without a ladder or a pool skimmer. Seeing as how the Magic have neither of these things, nor a competent defense, Green had free reign over them.

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