Kyle Orton Takes Down a Massive Wad of Chewing Tobacco (GIF)

Kyle Orton

Kyle Orton may not have a reputation as the toughest or best QB in the league, but he’s got respect for tradition. So much respect that he’s willing to give himself mouth cancer to harken back to the glory days of sport. And he did this by throwing in a giant wad of dip (chewing tobacco) on the sidelines during Sunday’s Bills-Browns game.

And while throwing in a salty, leathery ball of toxins into one’s mouth may not be the most athletic thing to do in a game, you can’t argue with the results. I mean, Kyle Orton and the Bills won!

First, take a look at the chew from SB Nation. Yum:

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On a very related note, is Kyle Orton the strangest NFL quarterback in the league? I mean, there have probably been stranger ones in the past decade, but none that have stuck around for as long. It’s like he’s an alien posing as a human NFL quarterback. That’s probably the only way to explain his haircuts.

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