Tom Brady and Johnny Manziel Inspire This Week’s Most Amazing NFL Photoshops (Photos)

nfl photoshops

On Sunday, NFL fans were treated to not one but two amazing images of extremely famous quarterbacks.

In Green Bay, somebody put Tom Brady on a leash and took him for a walk. Meanwhile in Buffalo, Johnny Manziel got laid out in the endzone and just stayed there—lying flat on his back, looking straight up at the sky—for a few seconds.

Normally, we’d be thrilled with just one of these amazing images. The fact that we got both on the very same day is beyond amazing.

Why? Because of all the NFL photoshops, of course.

Here’s a tiny sample of what the internet has done with Johnny Football taking a nap so far:

johnny manziel photoshop (nfl photoshops)

nfl photoshops johnny manziel photoshops

johnny manziel photoshops (nfl photoshops)

johnny manziel photosohp (nfl photoshops)

And here’s a sample of what it’s done with Tom Brady on a leash:

tom brady photoshops nfl photoshops

nfl photo shops tom brady cesar

That’s good photoshopping. I’m sure there will be more to come. Stay tuned.

Hat Tip – [SB Nation]

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