Travis Kelce Hand Gesture Caught On Live TV (Video)

Travis Kelce hand gesture

On Sunday night, viewers of the game between the Denver Broncos and the Kansas City Chiefs were treated to a Travis Kelce hand gesture that requires no words, but we’ll call it a “jack-off motion” anyway. While I’m sure most people are familiar with the connotations of such a gesture, it’s still not something that you often see on broadcast TV- which makes it approximately 1000 times funnier.

The funniest/coolest part is that Travis Kelce leaves no doubt whatsoever as to who his gesture is directed towards—it’s one of the referees officiating the game, who he helpfully points at before performing the wank heard ’round the world. And it gets even better when your realize that the ref in question wasn’t even calling a penalty on Kelce or anyone on his team, which means that this was purely for entertainment value, no hard feelings.

You can see Travis Kelce’s marvelous pantomime performance in the video below. And remember that you’re not in the NFL if your boss says something that annoys you today, because if you try something like this, there might be some serious consequences.

Here’s a video of the Travis Kelce hand gesture:

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Travis Kelce has since issued the following two statements on Twitter, the first of which has since been deleted:

travis kelce hand gesture twitter



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