15 Greatest Sports Press Conferences of All Time

greatest sports press conferences of all time jim mora playoffs

Sports press conferences are usually extremely boring. Most coaches and athletes would rather get a root canal than sit around before or after a game answering stupid questions from reporters. Moreover, the reporters know they are unlikely to get any real insights from the coaches and athletes. The only reason they hold these press conferences is so that reporters can gather meaningless quotes that somehow makes them seem more credible.

However, not all sports press conferences are boring. Every once in a while—usually after a horrible performance—a player will have a total meltdown, or a coach will go on an epic rant. And when that happens, sports press conferences aren’t boring. When that happens, they’re actually more exciting than the game.

Today, we’re going to count down the 15 greatest sports press conferences of all time. Some are funny, some of uncomfortable. Some are filled with rage, some are simply absurd. But they’re all entertaining. So take a look.


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