Alabama-Auburn Fan Fight Ends When Dude Pulls Out a Gun (Video)

Alabama-Auburn fan fight gun

This Alabama-Auburn fan fight following Saturday’s Iron Bowl didn’t end with a knockout, like most fights at sporting events do.  Rather, it ended when one dude went into his vehicle and pulled out a gun.

The footage is as frightening as it is shaky. (Yeah, whoever was recording it is clearly no professional.)

The action picks up right away with a fight between what seems like two families who had just finished watching the Alabama Crimson Tide beat Auburn, 55-44. It’s tough to make out exactly what’s going on, but you can hear one dude screaming “get the f*%k off my dad!”  The crowd then makes their way towards a car, which one guy goes into.  Moments later, he emerges with a gun, sending the cameraman and several others running as fast as they can in every which way.

Check it out:

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From the sound of it, no bullets were fired, saving this rivalry from enduring another dark moment.

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