Bengals Fans Beat The Crap Out Of Bucs Fan In Stadium Parking Lot (Video)

Bengals fans

Someone needs to teach these Bengals fans about being gracious guests. And someone needs to teach this Bucs fan about keeping his mouth shut. If he read Total Pro Sports, he would know that just about every sporting even erupts into senseless violence on its own. There’s no need to accelerate the process.

After a win at Raymond James Stadium (in Tampa Bay), these Bengals fans were in the stadium parking lot, harassing a Bucs fans. It could have been for no reason, or it could be because the guy was a jerk. Both are equally likely. Adding to the drama is the traffic moving in the background, just waiting to run over some fan’s head.

The Bucs fan gets cornered, then a large woman steps in. He pushes her away, and that’s when the beating starts.

Here ya go:

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A couple things that bring some levity to this disturbing video: The cameraman’s awesome commentary and the lanky dude who steps in with a fanny pack and clipboard to break up the fight. As dorky as that guy is, he may have saved that Bucs fan’s life.

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