Browns Mannequin Beer Bong Vs. Bills Dong Bong: Who Ya Got? (Pics + Videos)

cleveland browns mannequin beer bong copy

Remember that mannequin beer bong we told you about back in October? The one that was the life of Cleveland Browns tailgating parties this year because it forced grown men and women to chug beer from a fake plastic woman’s crotch? Well, as you probably know, the Browns played the Bills in Buffalo on Sunday. And seeing as how the two towns are just three hours apart on the banks of Lake Erie, a lot of Cleveland fans made the trip up—including the owner(s) of the mannequin beer bong.

Now, normally you’d expect there to be a few fights when a bunch of NFL fans from one city travel to another city to tailgate. However, in this case, the mannequin beer bong was passed around like a peace pipe, and everybody just chilled out and had a good time.

cleveland browns mannequin beer bong

cleveland browns mannequin beer bong 2

However, the mannequin beer bong wasn’t the only show in town outside Ralph Wilson Stadium on Sunday. A group of Bills fans came up with an equally disturbing way to shotgun beers.

Behold the Buffalo Bills dong bong:

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Yeah. WOW.

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