Drake Gives Perfect Response When Asked About Johnny Manziel Starting (Video)


Drake is known for being a pretty indiscriminate sports fan. He seems to just like SPORTS. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. You don’t have to get your team tattooed on your back and burn the other ones in effigy. But Drake’s love of sport probably makes for an easy topic of conversation when loudmouthed paparazzi hound him to say something dumb into the camera.

Drake has been a star long enough to know that you don’t speak to these guys unless necessary, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun. When the R&B star/rapper was asked about Johnny Manizel starting at quarterback for the Cleveland Browns, he offered up a pretty familiar gesture.

Wanna guess which one it was? Ok, now take a look:

What’s even better than the gesture is the disdain on his face when he makes it to the photographer. As if to say, “This is all you get, you parasite.”

Well, that may be all that TMZ got, but it’s enough for us to repost and laugh at, so…job well done?

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