ESPN’s Lisa Salters Just Pissed Off Half Of New York And All Of Miami

Lisa Salters ESPN

If Lisa Salters was planning on spending any vacation time in New York or Miami, she might want to reconsider. During the Monday Night Football pregame report, the ESPN correspondent did not mince words about the quality of the teams who were about to play.

“It’s miserable here,” she said, commenting on the rainy weather. “But of course it is, it’s Dolphins, Jets.”

Damn! Sick burn, Lisa. But tell us how you really feel.

In all fairness, given New York’s record, Lisa Salters has a valid point. With two wins and nine losses, watching the Jets play this season has been beyond miserable, especially for their fans. But going into tonight’s game, the Fins were a game above .500, and were still in the wildcard hunt. Granted, it’s not the same as watching Brady face-off against Rodgers. But at the same time, as someone who sat through a good portion of the Jaguars-Giants game, the match up didn’t seem so bad. And for those who watched, it actually went down to the wire.

Of course, if anyone was actually upset about her comments, it was probably the higher-ups at ESPN. She was practically begging people to switch over to the Mike & Molly marathon. On a side note, I’m sure Rex Ryan was pissed about missing it. Luckily, once he’s fired on December 29th, I’m sure he’ll have plenty of time to catch up on episodes he’s DVR’ed.

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