Angry Giants Fan Burns Eli Manning Jersey After Humiliating Loss to Jaguars (Video)

angry giants fan burns eli manning jersey

The headline of this post makes me scratch my head. “Giants fan burns jersey” I could understand. On Sunday the Giants lost to the Jaguars, which was bad enough. But the way they lost—by choking up a 21-0 lead—was downright humiliating. And it would certainly make me want to burn a jersey if I were a Giants fan.

But “Giants fan burns Eli Manning jersey”? That I just don’t get. Sure, Eli has had interception issues in the past. Hell, last year he threw 27 picks and just 18 touchdowns, which is absolutely brutal. But the guy has actually improved dramatically this year, throwing just 12 picks and a healthy 22 touchdowns for a QB rating of 89. Given the Giants’ putrid offensive line, that’s not just good. It’s amazing.

Moreover, Sunday’s loss was not Eli’s fault. He was 24/34 with 247 yards, one touchdown, zero interceptions, and a passer rating of 101. The guy does not play defense. He could not personally prevent Blake Bortless and the Jaguars from scoring 22 points in the second half.

However, it seems some Giants fans just don’t care. They want to vilify somebody for the Giants’ futility, and Eli Manning is the face of the franchise. Hence this:

Yeah, screw that guy who won two Super Bowl MVP awards while playing for my team. He sucks!

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