One-Legged Nets Fan Gets Carried Out of MSG by Security During Nets-Knicks (Video)

one-legged nets fan

Well here’s something you don’t see everyday. Last night at the Knicks-Nets game, a one-legged Nets fan was asked to leave Madison Square Garden by security. However, he refused to go voluntarily and removed his prosthetic leg as a kind of protest. So the security guards decided to just carry him out.

Take a look:

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So what the hell was that all about? Well as it turns out, that wasn’t just any one-legged Nets fan. It was well-known Nets superfan Jeffrey Vanchiro. The Nets season-ticket holder, and Brooklyn-based artist by day, has become a fixture at the Barclay’s center over the last two years, where he is known by his persona, Jeffrey Gamblero. Basically, he just cheers and dances more exuberantly than everyone else and gets people pumped up. (The Nets actually flew him to London when they went there to play the Hawks last season. The New York Times did a whole story on him. You should read it.)

Apparently he was doing his Nets superfan schtick at the Garden on Tuesday night. And while he wasn’t being vulgar, violent, or confrontational, he was still pissing off some (emphasis on some) Knicks fans in his section. So they complained to security.

Here’s an account from somebody who claims to have been sitting a few rows behind him, via The Brooklyn Game:

After halftime a guard came up and told him to “cool down and just be a fan.” Obviously didn’t know who he was. He said what did I do wrong? Should I be quiet? They said no, just cool it down. He started loudly cheering FOR the Knicks doing “go New York go New York go,” etc. The guards came back and told him to stop. He said why? Is this a library?

Then the main guard on the floor gave the signal to kick him out. He would not leave. A guard then touched his leg and he said “ouch you’re hurting me I have a prosthetic leg.” He then took off the leg, which is when things escalated.

More and more guards surrounded him as he watched the game with his leg resting on his shoulder. They tried to get him to put his leg on, threatened to arrest him if he wouldn’t, but he wasn’t moving.

He started saying “why are you doing this I just love basketball so much,” he was clearly overwhelmed.

After about ten minutes, four guards grabbed him and carried him out as he screamed in pain.

Did the MSG security guards overreact? Probably. But at least they didn’t give him a wedgie. And anyway, it sounds like Gamblero was daring them to overreact, and he was obviously prepared to make a scene. So I’m gonna go ahead and label this an improvised publicity stunt.

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