Stephen Curry Reminds Us How Clutch He Is with Game-Winning Three (Video)

Stephen Curry

In case you forgot, Stephen Curry, at the age of 26, wears the crown of “Best Shooter in the NBA.” Also in case you forgot, Stephen Curry spent most of last night reminding you of that fact by drilling down threes in a hotly-contested game between the Golden State Warriors and the Orlando Magic.

The three pointer allowed the Warriors to take the lead and the win, extending their win streak to ten games. Not bad for a 26 year-old from Davidson.

Here’s the video:

As Curry moved up the floor, the Warriors had a timeout to burn, but coach Steve Kerr decided to give Stephen Curry free reign, later saying, “I was thinking, ‘Don’t call timeout’.”

Good instincts, coach. Curry and Klay Thompson didn’t have crazy stat lines last night, but they took the game over in the final┬áminutes, so you best let them do as they please.

Even Curry admitted in the post game that the final shot was a little dangerous, but it’s not like anyone is going to question his judgement.


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