The 21 Hottest NBA WAGs of 2014

hottest nba wags 2014

Today we’re taking a look at the hottest NBA WAGs of the 2014-15 season. Exciting, right?

(For the uninitiated, WAGs is an acronym for wives and girlfriends. Now you know.)

Of course, in theory it would be nice to do a list of the hottest NBA WAGs at the beginning of the season, as a kind of season kickoff celebration.  But in reality, it’s better to do it a few weeks in.

For starters, compiling data for such a list requires crowd-sourcing (i.e. scouring social media and the blogosphere for tips), and people don’t follow NBA players not named LeBron that closely during the offseason. More importantly, it’s a lot easier to figure out if player is actually “dating” somebody (which we define very loosely as “hooking up on a semi-regular basis”) when they’ve settled into a routine.

So who’s on the list this year? Well, as you would expect given the natural ebb and flow of the NBA dating scene, there are a few familiar faces, and there are a few not-so-familiar ones. However, whether old or new, all the faces are very attractive. So you should definitely take a look.