Tom Brady Slums It With a Mullet in This DailyMVP Commercial (Video)

DailyMVP Tom Brady

DailyMVP seems to be coming from the Tim and Eric school of comedy with their most recent commercial, which takes America’s sexiest quarterback (Sorry, Eli) and tosses him in a call center cubicle with a mullet. For good measure, DailyMVP poorly overdubs his voice for about half the dialogue, and (also poorly) drop in photoshopped screens on the actors’ iPhones.

Considering we would expect to see Tom Brady selling Mercedes or Rolexes on a yacht in commercials, this one is a pretty fun change of pace. It also likely means that Tom Brady got paid about a billion dollars to do it.

Here’s the video. Tom Brady would make an excellent Joe Dirt:

At this point, I would suggest bringing Gisele in for any future ads.

If you’re still not clear on what DailyMVP is, that’s understandable. The point of this ad doesn’t really seem to be education on the product. DailyMVP is sorta like a fantasy football site, except you can start over every week and do more prop stuff than you could in a traditional league.

I guess it’s for when your usual fantasy obsession isn’t enough. Yikes.

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